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World TV Interview Focus On Changing Auckland

It was great to catch up with the team at World TV based in Penrose this morning.

Newsdesk World TV

They interviewed me about what I saw as the key priorities for Auckland, and why I was running. They also asked me how I would respond to the changing face of Auckland, with the number of Asian New Zealanders expected to continue to grow strongly.

I said as someone who has an Asian/Kiwi blended family I was only too aware of this. Auckland is now one of the most ethnically diverse cities on earth, more than London or Sydney, with over 200 different ethnic groups.

Our challenge is to work with our different communities on the benefits of this, and work harder on the challenges. Establishing more broadly based community groups was part of the opportunity I would progress as Mayor.

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    One comment on “World TV Interview Focus On Changing Auckland

    1. Dennis Wales says:

      Well said Mark, now build your team with that in mind.
      People with different past environments have different skills to offer.
      People need to change their thinking on where people are from. It is why we/ they are here. If their reason and intent is to become integrated, and want to be recognised as a New Zealander/ Kiwi, with a positive push to be supportive to our society and economy then that is how they should be recognised and accepted.