World Cities Summit: City Innovators

It was an honour to speak at the World Cities Summit as a city innovator, and share the platform with others helping to shake our cities up. In good ways!

I talked about our urban mobility pilot underway in one of the southern-Chinese cities. We’re introducing better service, better prices and greater democracy to the taxi industry. I’d say watch out Didi/Grab et al but they can join us too!

I’m pleased to continue to support the ASEAN Smart Cities Network which was launched by Singapore’s Smart Nation Minister during the summit and which Channel News Asia covered. It’s a big opportunity to spread (smarter) smart city activity across the region.

The real benefit, though, of speaking at and participating in events like this is the valuable connections we make. It was great to connect with, listen to and think how we can collaborate to give our city citizens a better deal more quickly.

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