What Is Next?

I attended the launch of the Salvation Army’s research into New Zealand’s high level’s of youth unemployment this week titled: What’s Next? with a graphic inspired by English graffiti artist Banksy.¬† 75,000 people between the ages of 15-24 are NEET: not engaged in education, employment and training.

It’s a thoughtful pieced of work and although their recommendation about reducing immigration got the predictable media attention, their central argument is that labour and education/training need to be better connected.

I think labour (business/workers/those wanting to work) need to be more involved driving this.

Auckland Council’s Southern Initiative has struggled to make progress in the same area for this reason.

My campaign plan to give the economic development part of council’s ATEED agency to business to run, could have achieved this.

Phil Goff had nothing to say on this issue during the mayoral campaign.



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