Water saving programme: Posters vs Devices

A recent Singapore Water Institute study has concluded we should ‘recycle’ all the material produced to encourage people to save water at home. Because, this information is much less effective than giving them a device which measures actual water usage and allows for in-the-moment control.


Devices like these were installed in 70 showers. Three groups of users were then established. The first had no device and just a range of posters encouraging them to use less water. The other two groups were split into two sub-groups: one asked to keep shower water usage to 27l and the other to 21l.

The results were dramatic.


Those with the meter devices saved 20% on their water use, whereas those with the ‘old world’ messaging saved little.

There is a catch to these savings becoming widespread as the devices can be expensive to buy and install. Much better that they become part of the standard fitout in new bathrooms.

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