Unitary Plan Panel Submissions Decision Unfair and Hugely Disappointing

The Unitary Plan Hearings Panel Chair Judge Kirkpatrick has released his response to my letter asking for property owners caught up in Council’s new residential zoning proposals to be allowed to make comment. He won’t do it which is unfair and hugely disappointing.

Auckland Council released significantly changed residential zoning plans two weeks before Christmas. In my letter I asked him to use his authority to allow new submitters, within agreed limits, to make comments.

Judge Kirkpatrick lists 6 reasons in his response as to why he has declined my request. I find none of them compelling. At last report the Panel had space available to hear more submitters and still meet its legislative timeline. The Panel could have set criteria to allow some of those most affected to submit.

My motivation to do this was partly to help us get a better quality Unitary Plan.

That will be much harder now, and public concern about the process and what results will only grow.

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    2 comments on “Unitary Plan Panel Submissions Decision Unfair and Hugely Disappointing

    1. Mark says:

      I agreed with this decision, but we will need to move even quicker on new housing in other areas.

    2. Ubuntu VPS says:

      Councillors have voted 13-8 in favour of withdrawing the changes from the Unitary Plan independent hearings panel, calling the process undemocratic and unfair on 30,000 Auckland homeowners who were never consulted about the changes. Councillors from both left and right wing factions united in favour of withdrawal.