Uneven Digital Growth

A Microsoft forecast has found that the amount of Asia Pacific GDP derived from digital products and services will more than triple from the around 25% by 2019 to 60% in 2021. In 2017 it was 6%.

And the Oxford Economics study done for Microsoft to coincide determined that smarter, safer, more efficient cities is the top expected benefit from all this digital transformation.

Yet the Asia Pac country results will be very different. Some Asian countries and many of their businesses do not have strong cloud-based strategies for data and information management as a common practice. Whereas more “developed” countries take this as a given and are more focused on the VR and then AI opportunities that will come from 5G.

The table below shows most Asian counties sit below average on the Cloud Readiness Index.


The challenges to overcome include:
* Price
* Migration concerns
* Security worries
* Regulation complexity
* Overall IT infrastructure investment needs
* Training and upskilling needed

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