Transport Plans Kick In Pants For Goff

Auckland mayoral candidate Mark Thomas says the ATAP Recommendations are a kick in the pants for key parts of Phil Goff’s transport policy.

“There will be no early move to his favoured light rail plan for the central isthmus and to the airport, and his request for a petrol tax has again been rejected.”

“None of Goff’s favoured funding measures of infrastructure bonds, a slice of GST or increasing council’s debt ceiling are highlighted.”

Thomas says a key focus of the report in resolving the $4 billion first decade funding gap is todetermine the options that are available for both council and government.

“Yet Phil Goff has shown no real willingness to look closely at the additional contribution council can make, and he has no commercial experience working with public private partnerships.”

“My rewrite of the Auckland Council budget will see the $113M transport budget cut reversed and a conversation with Aucklanders advanced about swapping existing assets to help plug the transport gaps earlier.

“I will also use my direct PPP experience to achieve quicker results.”

The ATAP report was released at the same time as Thomas launched his ‘Phil Goff=More Of The Same” campaign. Bright red stickers are being added to his hoardings to remind Aucklanders of the consequences of electing Goff Mayor in three weeks’ time.

“Len Brown promised in his 2010 inauguration speech that “we will fix Auckland’s transport system”. In that time, congestion has worsened and commuters now lose 20 days a year stuck in traffic.”

“Phil Goff’s key project and funding plans seem likely to deliver the same re


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