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Transport Planning Fail In Howick

The Chair of the Howick Local Board took me on a tour of the ward on Friday. My wife Wendy grew up in the area and we have family living there so I know it well. But the tour highlighted the growth problems Auckland’s new Mayor will need to solve

The photo shows a granddad walking his grand-children on a main road in the middle of Flatbush because there are no footpaths. The footpaths exist outside the new houses, but not outside the new development land or in some cases the council park land.

Although much of the discussion about Auckland’s growth focuses on the North, North-West and South, the Flatbush development in the Howick ward will see 36,000 people living there by 2025.

This image is a great example of a bad result when we don’t plan well enough.

The new Regional Transport Boards I will establish and the stronger local transport planning delegations I will get Auckland Transport to put in place will fix this.

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