The World’s most fragile cities

As cities around the world grow, the World Economic Forum recently republished an article on where collapse is more likely.

3A3D2598-6A27-4349-B367-1E53FF11EC5AThe whole world didn’t need to be shown. Africa, despite the health and education progress a number of its countries have made, is the main region where collapse is most likely. Although the Middle East, Central America, and Southeast Asia do contain cities with this risk too.

A global security analyst, Robert Muggah, determined 11 factors which, if not well managed, could lead to even worsening situations in these urban centres.

The factors include rapid urbanisation, natural disaster risks, violence and extreme unemployment.

A lot of comment is made of the liveable city activities of many cities, but it’s worth reflecting on the potentially 66 cities which, according to Muggah, don’t have the luxury to think about liveablity  strategies. They are too focused on survival.

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