The Massive Agenda

One big challenge confronting all of us at WUF9 is what to do.

‘Spoilt for choice’ doesn’t begin to approach it. There are 545 events on the formal programme. Even over the 6 and a half days of the conference (including the first “Assesmblies” day), that would be an average of 3 and a half simultaneous events each hour, 24 hours a day! And even WUF9 doesn’t quite go 24/7.

Triaging between “Tools to empower citizens”, “Urban Resilience through Nature Based Solutions”, “Creating an enabling environment for youth”, “Instruments to help implement the new Urban Agenda”, and “Pro-poor approaches to sustainable urban waste management” is quite a task. And these were just 5 simultaneous 1 hour events in the “Side Events” box on the programme agenda pictured.

Such are the challenges of attending a truly global meeting.

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