The Economist’s most liveable cities’ shake-up

There’s big changes in the just announced The Economist world’s most liveable cities’ rankings. A new leader (Vienna) grabs the headlines, but more significant are the four cities which dropped out of the top ten (Auckland, Hamburg, Helsinki and Perth) and the four they were replaced with (Copenhagen, Osaka, Sydney and Tokyo). Australian/Canadian cities make up six of the top ten.

Auckland dropped 4 places from 8th to 12th, but it’s annual liveability slightly increased. None of other former top ten cities also went backwards, however all have been overtaken by cities making greater progress. In Osaka, it’s been the quality and availability of public transport and crime rate reduction. Sydney showcased what it has been doing in the recent World Cities Summit, which I cover in my article – also below.

In it I also challenge the New Zealand government that if they want their urban challenges more effectively resolved, they need to be much better connected to the innovations and technology transformation happening in other cities.

Let’s hope these results spur a healthy competitive response!

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World Cities Summit article:

Economist report:

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