Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Street Maintenance Budget Needs Resetting

A letter to the Editor in the Herald this week caught my eye.

Letter to Ed 1

Letter to Ed 2

I took up Jacquie’s advice and walked up Victoria St West. Rubbish and weeds abounded sadly as the pictures show.

Vic St 1

Vice West Pic 3

I picked up some of the rubbish and got a job logged at council/Auckland Transport for rest. But this problem stems from the cuts our current Mayor made to core council activity like this.

As the next Mayor I’ll restore this budget and reduce the $230 million per annum ‘Governance and Support’ budget to compensate.

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    Vic West Pic 2

    One comment on “Street Maintenance Budget Needs Resetting

    1. Louise S says:

      Hi Mark,
      Great to see you doing something a member of the public suggested that I bet no other candidate would do and for that, you have my vote…BEST of LUCK!