Start Planning Earlier

Young people can often be disengaged from planning debates, so this year’s Urban Planning Festival in Singapore had a big focus on addressing this.

But in addition to the usual workshops, information sessions and tours, the Festival also invited high school ‘emerging planners’ to actually design and model new sustainable developments.

The Urban Redevelopment Authority is showcasing some of the results this month.


The students have produced a range of thoughtful and innovative ideas to help Singapore’s twin pressures of coping with population growth and preserving sustainability.


Often based around the develoment of the school or institution the students were studying in, the project allowed them to apply their specific site knowledge together with their awareness of the growth/sustainability challenges. It produced both interesting design and development ideas, as well as a cadre of engaged, potential future planners!

I hope they also gave some thought as to how they would engage the public on their new plans…


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