Smart City Leaders

Building what’s called the world’s fastest internet service is one of the projects that’s helped one Australian city be shortlisted for the Smart City Leadership Award.

Other city projects include a 100sq km Internet of Things network and a new intelligent transport system. At the more ‘accessible’ end of the smart city continuum, the projects include free public wifi, smart rubbish bins and free home energy/renewables advice.

The five cities nominated (pictured below) from three Australian states cover populations from just 25,000 up to 1,200,000 – showing that tiny towns and be both small and smart.

The Australia and New Zealand Smart Cities Council runs the award and the winner will be unveiled at the Australia Smart Cities Week at the end of October, which I’m pleased to be at leading a session on innovation.

How are your city’s smart plans tracking? If they or you need ideas, there are more details here:

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