Singapore ‘Mixes Its Uses’ Very Well

Like to have a cafe right next to your apartment building? What about a few other service businesses: a small grocer, a news agent, a hair dresser?


Such is the life in many HBD apartment buildings in Singapore. These government managed Housing and Development Board accomodation blocks make up housing for an astonishing 82% of the SingaporeĀ population.


Few counties on earth have such an extensive and successful public/private housing programme which is obviously driven significantly by Singapore’s small size (just eight times bigger than Waiheke Island in Auckland).

But the way they have done this, integrating a range of convenience businesses including food markets in larger blocks, as part of the developmentĀ brings the “mixed use” ideas in Auckland’s Unitary Plan to life in a very tangible way.


And Singapore has been doing this since the 1970’s – recognising that incorporatingĀ appropriate businesses into an affordable residential area can significantly improve the quality of life.


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