Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Satisfaction With Auckland Council Plummets

Auckland’s elected members are the unhappiest they have been since the council began says Mayoral candidate and current local board member Mark Thomas.

The two yearly councillor and local board survey which has just been reported shows satisfaction with council down to only 51% – a big drop from the 64% achieved last year.

“These are the worst results since Auckland Council started in 2010.”

“Additionally, only one quarter (24%) of elected members think the wider Auckland Council group, including its Council Controlled Companies such as Auckland Transport, is making progress as one organisation. This was another significant fall from the only one third (33%) who thought this was true last year.”

Mark Thomas said these poor findings had been achieved despite a concerted work programme to improve the results since the last survey in 2014.

“The results are disappointing but unsurprising. It reflects Len Brown’s lack of focus on the key issues concerning many elected members including clearer decision making and problems with Auckland Transport.”

“It also shows that the “improvement project” underway since the last survey hasn’t worked well. Its focus on “better quality advice” was misplaced.

“The key issues for many elected members are that the organisation is not responsive or fast enough, Auckland Transport’s does not engage well and many local board members feel they do not have the decision making powers they need.”

“These are the same issue many members of the Auckland public feel.”

“As elected members gear up for re-election battles, many are starting to reflect the dissatisfaction Aucklanders feel with the so-called ‘Super City” 6 years on.

Thomas said as Mayor he will use his council experience to strengthen local board decision making, involve councillors more meaningfully in decision making and reorganise Auckland Transport.

The full survey results are here:

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