Rules Reduction Response A Template For New Mayor

The just released Government response to the Rules Reduction Taskforce I served on confirms our report will be a terrific template for me if I’m elected Mayor of Auckland.

The Government has agreed with a key recommendation I wrote that we need to improve customer service within local and central government. The Fairfax story is here.

The Taskforce was established by the government to solve people’s frustrations with local rules and property regulations. Its response to our “Loopy Rules” report

The Local Government Minister appointed me to the taskforce because of my local government and Auckland Council experience.

Working with my colleagues, we put ten key recommendations forward with a total of 75 opportunities identified to make building and resource consenting easier, make health and safety rules clearer and sort out customer service. 96% of our recommendations were accepted.

If elected Mayor Auckland, I will use this report as part of my action plan to make it easier for people to get what they want from Auckland Council.

A summary of the report is here.

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