RNZ: Mayoral Candidates Divided On Super City Enquiry

Todd Niall from RNZ asked me and other mayoral candidates what we thought of the Local Government Commission’s decision to ask Aucklanders what they thought about the “Super City”. This was as part of a couple of other interviews they did on this issue.


“Auckland’s leading mayoral candidates had mixed views on the potential for reform.

Centre-right candidate Mark Thomas said he would be encouraging people to make submissions during the 40 days available.

“I want to use it positively, and encourage people to contribute about the problems they’ve been experiencing five years on from amalgamation, and what the solutions are that a new mayor could pick up and run with,” he said.

Labour MP and candidate Phil Goff did not favour consideration of change either under the current legislation, or new laws.

“Any legislation that broadens the issue out, and that makes it unnecessarily complicated, and really expensive, and then might produce no result other than create further frustration and alienation, really isn’t a sensible way to go,” Mr Goff said.

Centre-right Victoria Crone did not think structural change was likely.

“I don’t think it’s good or bad, it’s just what it is, and now we need to go through the process,” she said.”

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