Phil Goff Urged to defer CCO Board appointments

I’ve written to Auckland’s mayor asking him to defer making board appointments to council businesses given it is so close to the election.


Dear Phil, I see the Appointments’ Committee this week has reports recommending it make appointments to three council controlled organisation’s: COMET, the Auckland War Memorial Museum and MOTAT.

I see on the confidential agenda there are further CCO appointment issues to be progressed. I expect this involves the replacement of the Chair of Auckland Transport and another director as their terms end on 31 October.

In neither of the COMET and AWMM/MOTAT papers is mention made of the election period that is currently underway. This would seem an oversight.

As you know, voting begins in just over two weeks. I think it is inappropriate for the current council to make decisions on CCO board appointments so close to the end of its term.

You will be very familiar with the Cabinet Office circular on Government Decisions and Actions in the Pre-election Period which, among others things, advises governments’ to avoid making significant appointments.

The Chair of Auckland Transport would certainly fall into this category.

I would appreciate you confirming you intend to follow a similar approach and defer council CCO board appointments to the new term.

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