Phil Goff and Len Brown: The Same Result

They say if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same result.

Current Mayor Len Brown, promised a rates increase of 2.5% – and his Labour colleague Phil Goff is promising the same.

He is likely making the same mistake Len did in not stressing that this would be the overall council rate increase, and not the residential rate.

Given council has a current policy of reducing the business rate increase RELATIVE to residential rates, the residential rate is always likely to be higher.

But Goff’s said nothing on his plan for the business rate.

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    2 comments on “Phil Goff and Len Brown: The Same Result

    1. Mark says:

      My plans include working with the community on both more housing options and improved transport – because of course they should be linked. Takapuna and Northcote in particular have been identified as having potential for more housing. Extending the Northern busway is a priority, as is actually giving the peninsula communities a realistic option to improve Lake Road.

    2. Sam says:

      Was just wondering about your initiatives for the North Shore, both the prospect of greater transport links and greater housing intensification?