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NZ Herald: Tripartite Summit “Be Clearer About Value”

I attended the two day annual Tripartite summit in Auckland this week. It was a well organised, well attended with a wide range of interesting content.

It’s the type of conference that, in the “real world”, would cost $900 per day. However, apart from the evening dinner, it was “free” – fully paid for by Auckland ratepayers along with some sponsorship.

Anne Gibson covered my comment in her story here. I know there can value in meetings like this. It was valuable for me to meet the Mayor of Los Angele Eric Garcetti! There is value in business-to-business meetings. I know, it’s what I do in my own business.

However what value do ratepayers get from the likely more than $500K we invested? Auckland Council doesn’t do a good enough job yet describing that, and I’m left wondering if it is so valuable to business – why wouldn’t the pay? Even for the expresso coffee made available at the coffee cart.

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