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NZ Herald: Gangbusters Approach To Housing

The NZ Herald reported my response┬áthat the Unitary Plan Hearings Panel seem to have been so frustrated at the rate of new houses being built in Auckland that they have been forced to take a ‘gangbusters’ approach with their recommendations.

Their recommendations would expand the rural-urban boundary by 30 per cent, permitting 37,000 new homes in areas now zoned for rural use. The amount of single housing zoned in central and west Auckland would fall by more than 40% and affordability, design and character rules contained in the 2013 consulted and proposed plan have been abandoned.

Such an expanded intensification approach in suburban Auckland seems unlikely to deliver us the affordable houses we need early, compared to more concentrated development in areas such as Henderson, Manukau, Onehunga and Takapuna.

Based on my initial assessment, I don’t believe the panel has established the balance needed for growth in Auckland and I suspect many Aucklanders will be alarmed at what they see.

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