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NZ Herald: Council Performance Worse Than 2013

The NZ Herald covered some of my comments on Auckland Council’s very low satisfaction and trust survey just released.

It’s damning but unsurprising . It shows things have worsened since the last significant survey in 2013.

“47% of Aucklanders don’t trust Auckland Council says the latest research and only 17% do.”

“This represents a real failure for Len Brown and highlights the urgency of electing a new mayor who understands Aucklanders problems with council.”

In 2013 when a similar survey was done, around 28% trusted council, so there’s been a significant fall over three years.

“There have been similar falls in overall satisfaction which is down from 32$ in 2012 to 15% today, and in confidence in council which has fallen from 28.5% to 20%.”

These results follow the same trend as the recent elected member’s survey which showed a fall in council satisfaction from 64% to 51%.

The combined results show the Mayor’s leadership, particularly over the last three years, had failed to build trust and confidence with council.

“It likely reflects concerns Aucklanders have both with the high rates increases Len Brown’s budget delivered, worsening traffic congestion and worries about the Unitary Plan.”

“My plans to make council more affordable by offering a zero percent rates increase option and by diverting funding into key transport priorities like AMETI will address this.”

“I will also lead a rewrite of the residential parts of the Unitary Plan if we don’t get rules which Aucklanders can trust.”

Thomas said rebuilding confidence in Auckland Council was an essential task for the next mayor.

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