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NBR Radio Interview: Urban Development Authority And Asset Swapping

NBR interviewed meĀ online and also on NBR Radio earlier in the week on my response to the Prime Minister’s idea that an urban development authority may help get house building happening more quickly in Auckland.

In the radio interview which you can listen to here, I talk about how the PM’s idea seems similar to the Special Development Area approach I have adopted in my growth policy outline. I also talk about my plan to prioritise more council spending into much needed infrastructure.

The article is behind their paywall, but in it I say part of the reason for only 15% of Aucklanders being satisfied with council is that we haven’t made enough progress with housing.

I talk about my asset swapping policy which will help us do this. I spoke with Paul Henry about this in April.

I will ask Aucklanders to agree to let me swap half the value of the airport shares we have, as well as the port operating company, into transport and other assets that we have a greater need for. I talk about how the $45 million loss in dividends from these companies needs to be seen against the $1.25-3 billion productivity loss traffic congestion is costing Auckland each year.

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