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NBR: Transport Minister Agrees Port Move Likely “Impossible”

The NBR picked up this week’s debate on the Auckland port and interviewed me further on my views.

Today they interviewed the Transport Minister Simon Bridges. He agrees with me that a port move will be “possibly impossible” because of cost and other issues.

I made the tongue-in-cheek observation that we’ll be living on Mars before we move the port. Turns out NASA’s current plan is to have the first human contact on Mars in 2035 and, although that’s not really ‘life on Mars’, I’m certain we will not have moved the port and redeveloped the land by then.

In the interim, we can get on dealing with the transport bottlenecks associated with the port which we will have to invest in Рeven if an early decision is made to move.

Their online interview is here behind their pay wall, however my NBR Radio is available free.

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