NBR: I Won’t Withdraw Because I’m Not A Quitter

The NBR reports that despite requests for me to withdraw from the mayoral race, I won’t do that because it would breach faith with my supporters, I still believe strongly in the ideas I am standing for and I am not a quitter.

Two public polls have shown Phil Goff with a large lead and if Aucklanders don’t act, they risk getting the 30-year Labour party veteran as the next Mayor.

In the article, I also state that dissatisfaction with Auckland Council has resulted in a level of disengagement with the local body election and that it’s the candidate with the greatest name recognition who has the advantage.

If Goff, wins the election I also announced that I will be contesting the Auckland mayoralty in 2019.

For the remainder of this campaign, while I continue to campaign, I want to make people aware of the lack of change a Phil Goff mayoralty will bring.

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