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NBR: Council Love Bus Left High And Dry

The NBR has picked up my comments that unfortunately a low Auckland Council election turnout seems inevitable.

I mention that council’s $1.2M ratepayer investment in a kombi van “Love Bus” to encourage younger people to vote is missing the mark.

The article also quotes Auckland University researcher Weiyi Zhang’s work which says voting (or non-voting!) is habit forming. Someone who didn’t vote in 2013 is more likely not to vote this year.

Despite the considerable effort of some community and education groups, some media and of course many of the candidates – I comment that the key problem is the very low regard Auckland Council is held in.

85% are dissatisfied with Auckland Council, but that hasn’t translated into enough people caring about who leads council next term.

My view is council has burnt off much goodwill by consulting and then failing to implement, but over promising and then under delivering, but blaming government or someone else for our problems – rather than being more effective in fixing them.

The article is here, but behind their paywall.

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    2 comments on “NBR: Council Love Bus Left High And Dry

    1. Mark says:

      Thanks Dave! Tell your friends :)

    2. Dave Winefield says:

      The crisis that is Auckland is brought about by the fact that the Political Set around Brown, have pushed ahead with a ratepayer funded set of projects. However, no one has sought the opinion of the ratepayers as to whether they want to fund these.

      This city needs to cut its cloth to the cloth of its ratepayers, and I applaud the message you are sending. From the perspective of an elderly small business person, your campaign sounds right.