National Urban Policy: Could Do Better

The OCED was at WUF9 in force and they used it as an opportunity to release the first ever global review of National Urban Policies.


Of the 169 countries surveyed only 19 have a “completed” NUP framework and are at the monitoring and implementation stage. 58, or more than one third, are still in the development stage.

The context for this of course is the huge growth underway in cities. In 1900, 14% of the world lived in cities. Today it is 55% and by 2050 it will be nearly 70%.

UN Habitat, the agency which runs the WUF, expects more than 90% of this growth will occur in Africa, Asia and Latin America – most of which is still developing and where urban crises are most numerous.

And, unsurprisingly, these are the parts of the world with the most under-developed NUPs. Asia and the Pacific are the worst of the five regions with around 25% of countries only at the first, feasibility, stage.

Partly as a result, the OECD is working directly with nearly 30 of the lowest ranked countries to help.

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