Myth Busting The Myths

When I see the “myth busting” fiction delivered by the Mayor yesterday as part of his last budget proposal, I half regret he is not standing again.

I would have enjoyed challenging face-to-face his myth that he has held rates to below 2.5-4%, when the reality is that AVERAGE total rates increases for home owners this year is actually 9.9%.

So called facts

I would have liked to rebut his myth that services have not reduced, when the reality is that berm mowing was eliminated, some library hours have been reduced, most parks operations have been cut, and town centre maintenance has been reduced, and so on….

Facts 2

Life on planet-Len is a bit different to life in Auckland.

Our next Mayor will need a much better grasp of figures and facts, and be able to work out what a myth really is and what is reality.

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