Making life easier

This all-in-one cabinet located in a busy Singapore shopping mall/MRT station solves several problem for the time poor person.

Rather than make separate trips to the Post Office, the laundry or even the retail shop, Drop 24 is a gateway drop-off/collection point. An electronic key pad allows you to select from a range of services, pay and then, critically, drop off and collect in the same place. And there’s a promise of future bill paying options too.

Courier companies use these units as delivery/collection points for those who can’t easily receive the package at home or at work – so expanding the services offered is a logical step. Because as we achieve more of our daily to do list online, there’s still the ‘physical’ realities to be dealt with.

I’m not sure this is a permanent scaleable solution, but it’s a nifty idea to further test the waters of creating “hubs” to help solve the run around problem.

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