Letter To Judge Kirkpatrick, Chair AUPI Hearings Panel

I wrote to the Chair of the Auckland Unitary Plan Independent Hearings Panel the day after the significantly changed Unitary Plan residential zoning maps came out.

I’m asking him to use the discretion he has to allow people who have not submitted to be allowed to comment on these changes.

I think this is reasonable. I know many people who consciously did not submit on their residential zone because they were satisfied with it.

Perhaps they thought that after 18 months of pre-consultation and then formal consultation, the zones had been well justified.

We now know this is not the case. I know the Hearings Panel has considerable pressure on it to meet its reporting deadline, but I want the best unitary plan we can get for Auckland.

Allowing late submitters to comment on these changes can only help that objective.

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    Letter to Judge Kirkpatrick