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Key Decisions Missing From Council Pre-Election Report

Auckland Council has released its Pre-Election report as required by law. It’s intended to be an impartial outline of council’s progress and it summarises six key decision areas for the new mayor and council. But it focuses more on the “good news” that’s happened in the last 6 years and not the bad news.

There’s no reference to the very low rated customer survey which saw only 17% of Aucklanders say they trusted Auckland Council.

The State of Auckland report is similarly unaddressed. It shows the slow decline in the environmental health of Auckland’s marine and freshwater, as well as the threat to our productive land from poorly planned urban growth and unaddressed climate change risks.

The significant 13% fall in elected member satisfaction with council also goes unreported, and there’s no reference to the dysfunctional shared governance model that exists between Governing Body, Local Boards and CCO’s.

There are other issues not included, and all this highlights the biggest “decisions” the new mayor and council faces: improving the way the organisation works, and being more upfront about the problems.

These decisions are missing from the council organisation’s list, but they are at the top of mine.

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