Future of Cities: Digital Disruption

Where does change come from? That was one of the concluding sessions at the Future of Cities conference run by the Centre for Innovative Cities here in Singapore.

The presenter commented that so-called traditional experts are already a diminishing force for change when it comes to digital disruption.


His model highlighted that although the impact of experts will itself be extended by technology and also by increased self-clustering, this will likely be surpassed by two other groups.

The first is non-traditional experts or indeed non-experts – a number who have of course been at the forefront of the social media revolution. In particular, this model assumes users will continue to provide a leading role in digital disruption.

The second is expected to come from machines and machine originated contributions. This will include the impact of Internet of Things developments and autonomous machines.

The impact of these changes will not just disrupt current digital/technology activities but also the future way change actually takes place.



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