Footpath Screens Cover The Problem

On Orchard Road in the heart of Singapore, extensive screens are in place to shield pedestrians from the traffic.

The screens are a perfectly pleasant mix of transparent, designed glass and a great mix of trees and other greenery.


The footpaths are enormous – several metres wide – but so is the road. A one way corridor with up five lanes in part, including a usually busy busway.


So, Singapore has improved what otherwise would be a very unpleasant pedestrian experience. But they haven’t really dealt to the underlying issue: a real tension between one of the most pedestrian enticing parts of Singapore and a major transport corridor.

There have been many calls over the years to pedestrianise (part of) Orchard Road. But, despite the excellent public transport serving the Orchard precinct, including 3 MRT stations across its length, this currently looks like too great a challenge for the transport planners – or the politicians governing them.

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