Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Filling The Skills Gap

I met with the team at COMET (City of Manukau Education Trust) Auckland today. This is an Auckland Council Controlled Organisation and private trust which supports education and skills across Auckland. They “function as a champion and connector of action and initiatives, in order to improve the effectiveness and equity of the Auckland education and skills system.” Council and central government provide around $500,000 in funding.

They refer to filling the gap between the education system and the jobs market. But I think this gap should be filled by an improved education/skills training system and employer group-led activity to get more of what they need.

When council intervenes anywhere, I want us to be clearer about why we are doing this ie. do we own the asset? do we provide the service? who is benefiting? who should pay?

If council is clearer with its thinking at the start, it will help us decide if the proposed solution is going to be the most effective one.

Council’s desire to fill a gap may be sincerely felt and people like the COMET team are clearly passionate about what they do. But we are not being fair to them or to ratepayers if we are trying to fix a problem that someone else owns.




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    Filling the gap