Fairfax: Auckland “upzoning” plans challenged.

Fairfax’s Auckland reporter Maria Slade interviewed me about my reaction to the Hearings Panel refusing to allow additional submissions, and the steps 2040 are considering.

“Mayoral candidate Mark Thomas asked the panel to allow late submissions on the issue…he was disappointed by the panel’s response.

“I think there was a big opportunity, within sensible limits, to allow those who found their situation dramatically changed to present information and evidence to get the best result,” he said.

“If groups as reputable as Auckland 2040 feel they have to take legal action that indicates that the process isn’t healthy.”

Her full article is here.

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    2040 response

    One comment on “Fairfax: Auckland “upzoning” plans challenged.

    1. Linux VPS says:

      It has proposed the controversial changes without consulting Aucklanders, under rules permitting it to make “out of scope” modifications to the city’s nearly finalised Unitary Plan.