Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Does Auckland Transport Want A New Mayor Too?

The Mayor has talked glowing of the additional transport rate he secured with his one vote majority at budget setting in June. He claims this will help progress Auckland’s transport investment while he tries to persuade the Government and Aucklanders of a more effective way of funding this.

You will hear less from the Mayor of the dire state the Auckland transport network will descend to under his 10 year budget, but happily Auckland Transport obliges.

In their Asset Management Plan 2015-2018, they report that the current 1% “very poor” rating of the transport network (amounting to a $157 million backlog) will increase to 9.4% from 2018-2019. At the end of the Mayor’s budget this will mean a backlog of $968 million in transport network renewals (asset-life cycle upgrades).

They comment that the $1.4 billion transport network (including physical infrastructure and rolling stock), is depreciating at a rate of $261 million annually or $715,000 daily.

They said during the 10-year budget debates that it is ‘critical that renewals and maintenance investment is given sufficient priority to “look after what we have”.’

The Long Term Plan (LTP) sets the level of renewals funding at close to the recommended levels for the first three years, but it also creates a significant and widening funding gap from 2018/2019 onwards.

Auckland Transport comments that there will be an opportunity to revisit these issues in 3 years time when the Long Term Plan is reviewed.

But to get a different result, we will need a different Mayor. One who can focus on our core infrastructure needs, and secure agreement for additional funding from ratepayers and other partners.

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