Devoted To Deng

Such is the significance that Chinese transformational leader Deng Xiaopeng has had, all the Presidents who succeed him have to come to this giant billboard and bow before it.

It’s located in Shenzhen, in south-eastern China, in between Guangzhou and Hong Kong.

Deng really opened China to the world via the Special Economic zone he created in this area in 1980 – giving birth to a market economy.

Back then, Shenzhen was a sleepy fishing village.


In less than 30 years it had been transformed.


Although a big one-off at the time, the subsequent impact from the Shenzhen economic “experiment” across China has been, and continues to be, so profound that all Chinese leaders must pay homage to its creator. And commit to maintaining the tradition.

Deng knew that some things don’t last forever and the statement in the top left of the billboard asks China to maintain his approach for 100 years. How much more transformed will this part of the world be by then?

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