Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Creative Consultation

If you look hard in the image to the side you may see the one sentence in the 16 page Long Term Plan document which was sent to all households which referred to the possibility of a targeted rate for transport being set. In case you can’t see it, it’s here:


In this document, everyone who received and read it (usually no more than 50% of people) were directed to the larger 50 page document which was online (at in libraries/Local Board offices), where you got a couple more paragraphs and the statement that this new rate could be $59 per household.

At yesterday’s Governing Body meeting, there was a lot of discussion on whether this constituted “consultation” on the $114 transport rate which was agreed to yesterday as part of the 10 to 9 budget vote.

The Mayor and the council organisation are clear that we were all adequately consulted on this. And yet there were apparently less than 40 comments out of all the feedback received from the 27,000 who submitted on this idea.

We didn’t comment because we were happy with it?

No. We didn’t comment because by no reasonable standard could anyone think this is “consultation”. #makingitupashegoes

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