Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Council Should Do More In The Area It Controls

I participated in TV3’s the Nation’s Twitter Panel on Saturday morning. The political current affairs programme interviewed Anne Tolley on the report she had recently received on the substandard performance of the Child, Youth and Family agency. Established in 1999, multiple reviews over many years have failed to achieve consistently high delivery by this agency.

This has some relevance for Auckland Council as several of the Auckland Plan measures relate to work related to what CYF does or should be doing.

Strategic Direction 1 includes measures around child hospitalisation and domestic violence. Many Aucklanders will look at these measures and agree targets like this need implementing. But given the challenges successive governments have had with CYF, Auckland Council needs to be more thoughtful in what it does here.

Indeed, the current Mayor’s view is partly because governments have not achieved enough council should get involved either monitoring, partnering or investigating new delivery options.

Meanwhile, we have council community centres in some wards which are not fit for purpose, community patrols which need greater support and other council community assets needing greater investment.

As taxpayers we should be demanding our governments deliver better child, youth and family services. As ratepayers we should be demanding council improves the related areas it controls first.

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