Buy Local Pay Regional In East Coast Bays

At last week’s meeting at Murrays Bay on their wharf redevelopment, the adjacent Castor Bay pontoon came up. As part of explaining how difficult it often is for council to get small projects like this delivered, the council officer explained that an $11,000 pontoon had incurred more than $30,000 in design and consenting costs.

At the Rodney Local Board earlier in the week, board members and the councillor expressed similar frustration to Auckland Transport about the time and cost involved in repairing the Matakana Pedestrian/Cycle Bridge Project.

Procurement and delivery issues like these have bedevilled Auckland Council since it started. There’s an obvious tension between getting regional scale cost efficiencies and ensuring appropriate “public” standard processes are followed (contestability, transparency etc) and moving quickly with local contractors who know the area and the project.

Auckland Council and Auckland Transport end up too often at the regional (slow and cost-plus) end of this scale. Further efforts have been underway to improve this but, as with other parts of council, it’s an area that needs a completely different way of working.

As part of my Growth plan, I’ll lead a new procurement and delivery approach in council which better balances our needs with our responsibilities.

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