Boosting the innovation-tech bound

The two day innovation and technology festival I attended recently show-cased the small, medium and large of innovation and tech developments underway in Singapore and more widely.

IMG_0416 IMG_0784

Innovest Unbound is a global franchise operating annually in a range of big cities which simultaneously highlights new trends and developments, offers coaching sessions for both new and experience practitioners and provides a platform for start-ups and entrepreneurs to connect with corporates and investors.

It’s an impressive format which although a little over full of corporate sponsorship platforms, provides genuine learning, funding and start-up promotional opportunities.

I’ll highlight insights in subsequent posts, but Auckland needs to boost its current global innovation-tech rankings:¬†17th down two on innovation with Singapore at 6th; and nowhere on this top 22 tech cities with Singapore 10th and Melbourne 14th.

The likes of New Zealand Techweek certainly help, but we need a bigger, more multi-faceted, largely privately funded platform like Innovest Unbound to boost the bound.

Singapore’s largest university’s commercial arm along with major corporates helped bring Innovest Unbound to this city-state.

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