Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

An Extraordinary Meeting To Sort Out An Extraordinary Problem

Len Brown had no option but to call an extraordinary Auckland Council meeting for next Wednesday to try and find a way out of the Unitary Plan hole he has dug council into.

Auckland Mayoral Candidate Mark Thomas, who was at today’s council meeting, said a delegation of five councillors forced his hand last night but they represent a majority on the Governing Body and a majority across Auckland.

“I am at dozens of community meetings each week and concerns about the unjustified changes to suburban zone rules comes up each time.”

“Councillors will be briefed this afternoon on options to fix the problem that’s been created. They need to resist advice to maintain the status quo or just to fiddle.”

“The Mayor should direct the upsizing resolutions be revoked and that council return to arguing its previously consulted and negotiated position. This option already includes significant intensification and up zoning.”

Thomas said there is no consensus among the experts on what number of houses will be needed in Auckland and how much supply is possible. The Residential Developable Capacity for Auckland produced by the experts group for the Hearings Panel in July was inconclusive.

“This should tell us to be much more thoughtful about significant changes to our zoning plans.”

Thomas said the Mayor had been absent through much of the unitary plan committee meetings in the later part of last year when the ‘upsizing’ residential zone changes were made.

“However we do know from Development Auckland work underway that there is significant housing development possible in the Takapuna, Northcote, Henderson in the two “Transform” areas of Manukau and Onehunga.

“Auckland has the potential to move forward quickly in these areas to boost Auckland’s housing supply and put pressure on prices without proceeding with the poorly justified and non-consulted recent changes.

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    One comment on “An Extraordinary Meeting To Sort Out An Extraordinary Problem

    1. Chiana says:

      In the copiamclted world we live in, it’s good to find simple solutions.