160 Mayors, not as difficult as expected

I expected a meeting with 160 mayors to be long on talk & promotion, and shorter on specifics & insights. However the World Cities Summit Mayors’ Forum was so well facilitated by Prof Greg Clark CBE that thoughtful, practical ideas were plentiful.

The forum’s 2 themes were #disruption, and how to #fund it. Cases studies from Tianjin in China, Sydney in Australia and others, and an overview of the developing states’ challenges from the Executive Director of #UNHabitat (former Mayor of Penang), addressed good levels of detail. There were 50 individual time-limited comments from mayors which added colour and sometimes even content!

Highlights from Greg’s day-end summary:
1) Local governments must embrace new technology tools and change the way they work (and work with others)

2) Embrace innovation by creating experimental zones that actively disrupt city systems eg. MaaS

3) Use incentives and service price changes with citizens and suppliers to encourage investment/innovation

4) Focus on genuine co-creation,and make it easy for citizens to play their part in this

5) Use valuable city data as a commercialisable asset

6) Help develop a new generation of PPPs with a fourth P, people.

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