Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter For Citizens

Making Our Own Luck

Fourty years ago, New Zealand icon the late John Clarke wrote the song “We don’t know how lucky we are” about New Zealand’s innate sense of optimism and tenacity. That spirit has seen the country lead the world in endeavours as diverse as atom splitting, rugby, movie making and sailing. But it’s not enough. We’ve been overtaken by countries more focussed on growth, and we lag the world in a…

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Footpath Screens Cover The Problem

On Orchard Road in the heart of Singapore, extensive screens are in place to shield pedestrians from the traffic. The screens are a perfectly pleasant mix of transparent, designed glass and a great mix of trees and other greenery. The footpaths are enormous – several metres wide – but so is the road. A one way corridor with up five lanes in part, including a usually busy busway. So, Singapore…

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Raving About Resilience

I was interviewed this week following a Centre for Liveable Cities presentation on resilience. I spoke about the importance of building sensible but adaptable plans – something we have all too much experience about in New Zealand. We also had speakers from Australia, India and the United Kingdom. We heard that last year’s United Nation’s Habitat 3 conference had made progress with the New Urban Agenda agreed, where global standards…

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