Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Auckland needs a new mayor with an affordable plan, who delivers better transport sooner and sorts out our growth and housing challenges.

Mark For Mayor: Phil Goff=More Of The Same

As voting started, we sent a clear message to Aucklanders what the consequences of a Phil Goff victory would be. You can watch here.

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Paul Henry: A Phil Goff Mayoralty Won’t Change A Thing

I told Paul Henry this week that if Phil Goff wins the Auckland mayoralty it won’t change a thing. I continue to campaign strongly for people to vote for me, but I am stating that if Aucklanders want a different result they need to get a lot more engaged. I know that’s hard because council has burnt off a lot of goodwill. You can watch the interview here.

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Stuff: Transport Alignment Differences-Goff Has Cap Out contrasts the responses from myself and Labour MP Phil Goff to the Government/Council Auckland Transport Alignment Project release. I think that that private public partnerships could deliver quicker results. I also comment that rewrite of the Auckland Council budget will see the $113m transport budget cut reversed and a conversation with Aucklanders advanced about swapping existing assets to help plug the transport gaps earlier. Goff continues his strategy of putting the cap…

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