Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter To Be More Liveable For Citizens

Japanese City Upgrade Plans Miss Targets

Only 33 of 109 Japanese cities have achieved their revitalisation targets after a total of an astonishing $NZ29 billion has been spent over last 10 years. Around 210 plans from 141 cities were approved as part of a giant local economic development improvement project to improve local infrastructure and tourist facilities. Sound familiar? The new New Zealand government has made at least a billion Kiwi dollars avaiable for a similarly…

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The World’s most fragile cities

As cities around the world grow, the World Economic Forum recently republished an article on where collapse is more likely. The whole world didn’t need to be shown. Africa, despite the health and education progress a number of its countries have made, is the main region where collapse is most likely. Although the Middle East, Central America, and Southeast Asia do contain cities with this risk too. A global security analyst, Robert…

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Are Smart and Private Irreconciliable?

Are our cities become smarter, is our privacy inevitability threatened? The Forum for Privacy has produced some good graphics showing how things are developing. Sharing information across our telco connections and among utility providers is already widely and easily accepted. Information is increasingly being shared within our transport system but the rate that this is increasing is causing some concerns. But what about even more expanded government use of our data…

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