Congratulations to everyone elected to the Auckland Council

Plan to swap public park for housing receives further set-back

The struggle current Auckland councillor Cathy Casey and her Roskill Community Voice team are having trying to swap valuable open space at Monte Cecilia Park in Hillsborough for a $33m housing development has received further set backs say council candidate Mark Thomas. The Auckland Catholic Doicese has confirmed that they do not wish to retain Liston Village and will stand by its 2010 contract with council to quit the site….

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City Vision Fake News Campaign A Sign Of Desperation

Auckland Council candidate Mark Thomas has rubbished City Vision claims regarding his residency. “The left-wing ticket is feeling the heat from the huge public reaction against their disastrous $30 million Chamberlain Park carve-up plan, their botched Mt Albert Village upgrade and concern over their secret plans to reduce park space at Monte Cecilia in Hillsborough.” “Rather than campaign on the issues voters are concerned about, they resort to a desperate…

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If you’re interesting in more information on where I stand on key policies, and to compare what others say – check out:

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