Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter To Be More Liveable For Citizens

New Zealand’s Digital Effectiveness Needs Rewiring

New Zealand is stronger in the traditionally softer elements of digital effectiveness assessment, but needs to strengthen its economic and innovation dimensions. So are the findings in the latest international analysis examining the five digital leading countries digital progress.

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Digital Evolution: The Developing Challenges

Bolivia, China, Kenya, Malaysia and Russia have the largest digital evolution rates say Tufts University in their latest Digital Evolution Index. Almost all these developing countries are currently below average with their overall Index score, but their growth rates , if maintained, together with softer growth in the leaders may see big changes. Singapore and New Zealand are the ‘Stand Out’ quadrant leaders, but slower recent growth threatens this. Larger…

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Trade In the Age of Trump

The World Bank has been challenged to reexamine the evidence on the benefits of trade. So said Anabel Gonzalez, Senior Director of the World Bank Group Global Practice on Trade and Competitiveness Unit, and a former Trade Minister in Costa Rico, in an address in Singapore recently. She made a robust defence of the benefits of global trade eg. Poverty in Vietnam was 64% poverty in 1993, it 3% today –…

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