Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter To Be More Liveable For Citizens

Mobile Shenzhen

In Shenzhen again for a couple of days checking on how our urban mobility platform is helping China’s Silicon Valley – with a population of 20 million. Director Cheng, who I’m pictured with, leads the public transport division responsible for 5.5 million daily PT journeys and 16,000 electric buses. Interesting to see the machine programming they are using to flag problems from the videos in their 22,000 taxis. It’s exciting…

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Smart City Leaders

Building what’s called the world’s fastest internet service is one of the projects that’s helped one Australian city be shortlisted for the Smart City Leadership Award. Other city projects include a 100sq km Internet of Things network and a new intelligent transport system. At the more ‘accessible’ end of the smart city continuum, the projects include free public wifi, smart rubbish bins and free home energy/renewables advice. The five cities…

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City branding: tough to get right

Branding a city sometimes seems a harder task than making it smarter. Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, caught my eye this week with its catchy new “Designed for Life” campaign. Singapore, last year, replaced “YourSingapore” with “Passion Made Possible”. I’ve included a series of other hit and miss brands from other cities and countries around the world (thank you Idealog and Zimbabwe Today!). Well considered and well executed smart…

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