Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Auckland needs a new mayor with an affordable plan, who delivers better transport sooner and sorts out our growth and housing challenges.

Thomas Launches Local Power Policy

Auckland mayoral candidate Mark Thomas will establish new citizen veto powers by introducing binding referenda, move to greater on-line decision-making and dramatically boost Local Board powers. Unveiling his Local Democracy policy today, Thomas said Auckland Council was on life support. “Only 15% of Aucklanders are satisfied with council and just 17% trust it to make good decisions. If this was the real world, Auckland Council would have gone out of…

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Power to the people

NZ Herald: Only Mark Thomas Experienced

The NZ Herald’s editorial this week bemoaned the state of the Auckland mayoral race. It said the large number of candidates for the Auckland mayoralty (19) and the lack of clear identification wree both problems. It did┬ácomment that “local government experience would be a reasonable pre-requisite for mayor but only Mark Thomas appears to have had any.” And it mused: “Does a parliamentary veteran have the vigour, enthusiasm and panache…

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Balancing The Books

Labour MP Phil Goff and I along with other opponents attended a mayoral debate in Howick last week. A key issue was who can do a better job ‘balancing council’s books’. I argued my 6 year’s of council experience combined with my 25 years experienced running and working with billion dollar businesses gave me the best chance. You can read the article here.  

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Howick balancing the books