Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter For Citizens

Smart Cities: The Solution To City Concerns?

“Smart cities may have the potential to address big city development pains said Professor Lily Kong from the Singapore Management University¬†as she delivered the annual Shirin Fozdar lecture. The lecture is named after a famous Singapore women’s rights activist. She reviewed the well known city growth story which already sees 82% of North America and 73% of Europe urbanised. This pace will increase in the so called developing world and…

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Future Cities: Transport Technology

A global review of future transport issues present at the Future of Cities conference has lighted both the key challenges confronting transport as well as expected new technologies. The studies cover China, the USA, parts of Europe as well as general megacities. It even included a New Zealand study. Some of the challenges include uncertainly about the future energy mix and what price it will be provided at, climate change…

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Future of Cities: Digital Disruption

Where does change come from? That was one of the concluding sessions at the Future of Cities conference run by the Centre for Innovative Cities here in Singapore. The presenter commented that so-called traditional experts are already a diminishing force for change when it comes to digital disruption. His model highlighted that although the impact of experts will itself be extended by technology and also by increased self-clustering, this will…

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