Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter To Be More Liveable For Citizens

Before belts and roads

Long before China’s offshore investment programme One Belt One Road, Singapore ran its own version. In China. This began in 1994 with the Suzhou Industrial Park. The Centre for Liveable Cities in Singapore recently launched an Urban System Studies book on the most recent investment: the Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City which began in 2010. Since 2013, Singapore has been the largest investor in China.

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Large and smart

There were several sessions at WUF9 talking about smart developments, but none as large as India’s 100 cities plan. These plans vary, considerably and so it was interesting to look at the specific areas framing the approach in one city. In other countries, Malaysia in this case, there was a different way of presenting progress.

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So many stories

One gift that WUF9 provides is the opportunity to connect with a vast range of urban stories. From lessons in a small part of central Jakarta… …to an overview of the 100 smart cities plan in India… …to green air management in a smaller German city… …to economic development planning in southern Malaysia… …to the regenerative “sponge” plans in China’s 6 million city Changde in south-eastern China. There are many…

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