Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter To Be More Liveable For Citizens

What Exactly Is Innovation?

Innovation isn’t a 20th century thing. We had innovation peaks in the mid 1600’s and the late 1700’s, although it’s true we may have used different terms back then. In Singapore, a review of the Straits Times newspaper shows a steady increase in the word from 1985 once computers became more widespread and a decided uptake from 2005 as social, digital forces launched. Professor Jane Jacobs has unearthed this information…

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Tri-partite Economic Summit in Guangzhou

I attended the third economic summit of the Auckland-Guangzhou-Los Angeles partnership in Guangzhou, having also been at the Auckland event last year. Unfortunately LA Mayor Garcetti couldn’t be there, but I met the Homeland Security Deputy Mayor Jeff Gorell. The summit’s focus was on entertainment, urban design, education and health. The LA delegation numbers may have been modest, but Auckland sent 97 and there were more than 400 from the…

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Sizing Up Shenzhen

The impressive architecture of Shenzhen in southern China is both a testament to what Deng Xiaopeng achieved with his economic experiment but also a pointer to the challenges ahead. Shenzhen has delivered in spades on Mr Deng’s original dream but, having toured the central city and then having visited the City Museum, the challenge now is to update city planning to respond more effectively to changing people movement priorities. Despite…

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