Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter To Be More Liveable For Citizens

Has the west lost it?

The title of Professor Kishore Mahbubani’s latest book doesn’t need the “a provocation” sub-title, but perhaps the publishers thought “the West” might be less likely to read it without it. He launched it in Asia last night and it’s a slender read.

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Coping with Visitors

There are reports from New Zealand that it continues to struggle with visitor growth, as the country keeps breaking tourist records. The country’s Business ministry says it will hit 5 million in 5 years time. Queue anguished groans from particularly remote tourist hot spots with inadequate infrastructure. But the Gold Coast, where I was recently for the Commonwealth Games, is coping with that level right now. The GC is roughly…

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The Commonwealth Games Effect

Is running the Commonwealth Games worth it? I spent 4 days on the Gold Coast at the recent games speaking at a trade event. There were people from all around the world there with lots of experience with big events. The comments were revealing.

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