Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

An Auckland That Works Should Be Key Council Concern

Goff’s Timid Budget: What about the crises?

You wouldn’t know Auckland was in the middle of a housing and transport crisis looking at new Mayor Phil Goff’s first budget proposal. There is no big push to cut council waste and inefficiency and redirect that into new houses and better transport. Instead, he delivers three new taxes, reduces waste services in some areas and excludes Aucklanders from commenting on his planned efficiency cuts. His key campaign promise was…

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Big Governance Changes Suggested, But How Likely?

After 6 years of Auckland Council, a comprehensive and generally very encouraging Governance Review has been undertaken of Auckland Council. But actually making the significant changes it recommends will be very challenging. The 164 page document has been prepared by an independent consultant (paid by council) and involved extensive discussion with both elected members and a range of external stakeholders. Although the report talks about what it calls “a number…

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Library Closure Reinforces Confusion

Libraries have never been in control of Auckland Council’s local boards despite their capital and core operating budgets sitting within local board budgets. So at one level, the decision by staff to close 31 libraries over the core Christmas/New Year period was unsurprising. But the problem was that local boards have been “given” the delegation by the Governing Body for the “use of local libraries”, which includes the hours. Of course the Governing Body can impose…

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