Mark Thomas - New Mayor for Auckland

Cities Need To Work Smarter To Be More Liveable For Citizens

World Cities Summit: City Innovators

It was an honour to speak at the World Cities Summit as a city innovator, and share the platform with others helping to shake our cities up. In good ways! I talked about our urban mobility pilot underway in one of the southern-Chinese cities. We’re introducing better service, better prices and greater democracy to the taxi industry. I’d say watch out Didi/Grab et al but they can join us too!…

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World City Winners Share Insights

Insights were plentiful from the world city prize winner & runners-up at the #WorldCitiesConference here in Singapore. Winning city Seoul’s Mayor Park Won-Soon (recently re-elected to a record 3rd term) said his city’s success was less about the celebrated built environment projects (some images below) and more about the approach: 1) Use data wisely to make genuinely bold decisions (fixing problems is harder and more costly otherwise). Mayor Park set…

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160 Mayors, not as difficult as expected

I expected a meeting with 160 mayors to be long on talk & promotion, and shorter on specifics & insights. However the World Cities Summit Mayors’ Forum was so well facilitated by Prof Greg Clark CBE that thoughtful, practical ideas were plentiful. The forum’s 2 themes were #disruption, and how to #fund it. Cases studies from Tianjin in China, Sydney in Australia and others, and an overview of the developing…

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